Teeth whitening

An example of tooth whitening using 10% carbamide peroxide overnight for 10 days.

Orthodontic teeth straightening using clear aligners

Using either the Invisalign Go Plus system or Nuvola (Italy) clear aligners can correct crowding/misaligned teeth and perfect a smile. See the examples showing how clear aligners drastically corrected the crowding in both the upper and lower arches.

Cosmetic white filling placement (composite)

Natural white fillings. Mostly Janine will place these under rubber dam, a sterile sheet which protects the airway and prevents moisture/bacterial contamination when placing composite restorations. It is important to restore the original morphology of the tooth to ensure the restoration looks as natural as possible.

Composite bonding

This treatment typically is completed in one appointment, approximately 3 hours. Composite bonding can be a great way of brightening and refreshing an aged smile as well as repairing any fractures/chips. Composite bonding usually requires no drilling or injections. Check out some of the video’s demonstrating just how this treatment can completely transform a smile.

Smile makeovers

Examples of smile makeovers either replacing old mismatching crowns or placing emax veneers/crowns which offer increased aesthetics/translucency for the most natural look. Most people opt to have the front 6-10 treated when having a smile makeover for the perfectly balanced, symmetrical smile. Dr Sohota has a preference for metal free restorations and finds the aesthetics with either Zirconia or Emax uncomparable to porcelain bonded restorations.

Aesthetic crowns (metal free Emax/Zirconia)

Crowning a tooth can be required due to a multitude of reasons. Some of the examples here show badly broken down teeth in need of restoration. These examples show Zirconia crowns and Emax onlays placed, these are made by a very talented lab ceramicist who ensures they are as close to nature as possible.
Sometimes missing teeth can be restored using dental bridges, this can be a great alternative to dentures/implants.

Icon white spot removal

Icon white spot treatment is a fantastic method for reducing the appearance and sometimes even completely eradicating the appearance of white spots (flourosis) on teeth. This can be a great source of embarrassment for patients particularly when their front teeth are affected,
The treatment is done in 1 visit, no anaesthetic needed, there is no drilling or damage to the teeth either.