White Spot Treatment Rugby

Dr Janine Sohota offers quick, effective and pain-free dental white spot treatment in Rugby. White spot treatments are minimally invasive and can improve the cosmetic look of your tooth enamel where you may have cloudy looking white spots that spoil the quality of your smile.

Dr Sohota uses the ICON white spot treatment system, which is the latest cutting-edge treatment for this condition that uses a process called infiltration that doesn’t involve drilling into the tooth.

White spots can be a worrying development not just because of their cosmetic appearance, but it also could be a sign of an early cavitity developing within the tooth. By catching the cavity early at the white-spot stage, the cavity won’t progress and cause more serious damage to the tooth.

White spot appear on the teeth as a result of a cyclical imbalance between demineralization and remineralization within the teeth. White spots start to form when the remineralization period gets disrupted, delayed or prevented. This imbalance changes light reflection from teeth.

The ICON method of white spot removal that Dr Sohota uses is an industry-leading treatment that can improve the look of your teeth by reducing or even completely eradicating the appearance of white spots on your teeth.

The treatment is quick and effective with patients only needing one visit to complete and there is no pain or anaesthetic needed, or damage done to the teeth during treatment.

If you have noticed white spots developing on your teeth, do not hesitate to contact Dr Sohota to discuss having white-spot treatment.